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Cadastral Certificate

The Cadastral Certificate is provided synchronously and can be requested on any type of building or land or subject from 3,50€.

  • Openapi Delivery: Immediate
  • Openapi € 3,50


Get all cadastral data of real estates or real estate properties of a subject synchronously via API

  • Openapi Delivery: Immediate
  • Openapi € 0,30

Geocoding API

Transform a street address into geographical coordinates and vice versa. Everything via API

  • Openapi Delivery: Immediate
  • Openapi € 0,001

Mortgage Certificates

The Mortgage Certificate is provided by service within 2 hours and can be requested for any property or subject from 7,70€.

  • Openapi Delivery: 2 Hours
  • Openapi € 7,70

Real Estate Report

Verify real estate assets and possible encumbrances of a subject through the services of openAPI.

  • Openapi Delivery: 24 Hours
  • Openapi € 17,00

Real Estate Values

Get the value per square meter of any area present in the national territory through API.

  • Openapi Delivery: Immediate
  • Openapi € 0,45

Rental Agreements Services

The management of online Rental practices are available via service for all types of rental agreements of real estate and land and of any duration.

  • Openapi Registration: 48 Hours
  • Openapi € 13,00

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