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Data sources are a real business asset for Openapi. Every data, from official and certified sources, is managed securely and transparently and generates value for both the company and its clients.

Openapi is a member of ANCIC (Association of Business Information Companies) and follows by statute the code of conduct, with all the obligations in terms of data source and updating. Every year the (external) control body verifies the data sources and the management of the data and reports any incorrect behaviour of an associate.

Openapi also adheres to the ANCIC-Privacy Guarantor project for the proper management of commercial and investigative information on individuals.

The data sources used include several activities and databases:


Openapi has access to Public Registers, consisting of data always updated in real time and opposable to third parties, including (by way of example and not exhaustive): 

  1. Official data from the Chamber of Commerce the consortium company InfoCamere: company register (containing over 6 million companies, 900,000 balance sheets, 5 million PECs), balance sheets and lists of shareholders, chamber of commerce viewings and/or deeds, deeds and events relating to bankruptcy or other insolvency procedures, and computerised register of protests.

  2. Official data from the Revenue Agency: real estate deeds, prejudicial and hypocatastical deeds (e.g. registrations or cancellations of mortgages, transcriptions and cancellations of foreclosures, or judicial deeds, and related annotations). The data also include those contained in the former Land Registry and the Land Registry Office.

  3. Official data from the Public Register of Motor Vehicles:PRA registration reports per number plate, PRA owner registration reports, stamp registration reports.

  4. Official data from National Social Security Institute: online services for italian citizens (es. ISEE, NaSpi, Reddito di Cittadinanza).

  5. Official data from the ANPR (National Register of Resident Population): issuing of registration reports and certificates and provision of demographic services aimed at digitalizing services for citizens, businesses and institutions.


Openapi also has information from public sources, generally accessible by anyone. These consist of:

  1. Newspapers and newspapers in paper format, which are regularly registered;

  2. Categorical directories and telephone directories;

  3. Websites freely accessible to anyone belonging to:

    1. census subjects and other subjects related to them;

    2. public, governmental, territorial and local bodies, public agencies, as well as supervisory and control authorities, in relation to lists, registers, rolls, colleges, orders, acts and documents circulated therein and containing information relating to the performance of economic activities, within the limits that may be provided f;or by current Italian regulations;

    3. trade associations and professional bodies, in relation to lists or registers of economic and business operators, disseminated on their websites;

    4. a minimum of three daily newspapers and online newspapers that confirm the main information

  4. Company websites (in particular meta information and text content of web pages);

  5. Corporate social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


Openapi is authorised to carry out investigations, research and collection of information, including commercial information, on specific mandate, as required by law by the Police Headquarters (TULPS licence 234801)