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In order to guarantee a product/service based on the maximum satisfaction of its customers and, more generally, of all interested parties, the organisation defines the following as the reference principles of its Quality Policy:

Focus on customer and stakeholder

The organisation is committed to understanding its customers' needs and plans its activities to meet them fully.

At the same time, it operates in accordance with the demands and requirements:

Process approach

The organisation identifies the different activities as processes to be planned, controlled and constantly improved and activates the resources for their implementation in the best possible way.

The organisation manages its processes so that they are unambiguous:


The organisation assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, making available all the necessary resources and ensuring that the planned objectives are compatible with the context and the strategic directions of the organisation.

The organisation communicates the importance of the QMS and actively involves all interested parties, coordinating and supporting them.

Risk and opportunity assessment

The organisation plans its processes with a risk-based thinking (RBT) approach in order to implement the most appropriate actions to:

The organisation promotes at all levels an appropriate sense of proactivity in the management of its risks.

Staff and stakeholder involvement

The organisation is aware that the involvement of staff and all stakeholders, together with the active participation of all employees, is a primary strategic element.

It promotes the development of internal professionalism and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to provide itself with competent and motivated human resources.


The organisation sets itself the permanent objective of improving the performance of its QMS.

The prior assessment of risks and opportunities related to business processes, internal and external audits and the management review are the tools that the organisation puts in place to constantly improve.

The tool chosen by the organisation to pursue its policy is a Quality Management System that complies with UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.