Suppressed Municipalities

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Get the list of all suppressed Italian municipalities belonging to the same province.

Access data for suppressed Italian municipalities always up-to-date, in real-time, and via API.

Esempio Suppressed Municipalities

The Suppressed Municipalities service belongs to the API ZIP Codes and allows you to check and obtain the list of suppressed Italian municipalities starting from the province code.

It is identified by the endpoint GET

With this service you can get the list of suppressed municipalities with the following corresponding data:

  • ISTAT Code
  • Municipality
  • Fiscal / Catastale Code
  • Province
  • Province Abbreviation
  • Region

In case multiple municipalities are associated with the same ZIP Codes, all corresponding data will be provided.


EXAMPLE RESPONSE /comuni_soppressi

The response will be a list of all the suppressed municipalities in that province. Here is a response, by way of example, for the province of Vicenza (VI):

  "data": [
      "istat": "24011",
      "comune": "Barbarano Vicentino"
      "cod_fisco": "A627",
      "sigla_provincia": "VI"
      "regione": "Veneto",
      "provincia": "Vicenza"
     "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "error": null


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