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Get the complete list of all Italian regions with over 13 pieces of information

Access data of Italian regions in real-time via API.

Esempio Regions

The service Regions belongs to the API ZIP Codes and allows you to check and obtain the list of Italian regions.

It is identified by the endpoint GET

This service allows obtaining the list of regions with over 13 pieces of information:

  • Region Name
  • Regional Capital
  • Surface Area
  • Number of Residents
  • Number of Municipalities
  • Name of the Current President
  • Tax Code
  • PEC (Certified Email)
  • Website
  • Regional Headquarters Address
  • Istat Code
  • Number of Provinces



The service does not require any search parameters.

This is an example of request:


This is an example of response:

  "data": [
      "regione": "Abruzzo",
      "capoluogo": "L'Aquila"
      "superficie": 10831.84
      "num_residenti": 1305770,
      "num_comuni": 305,
      "presidente": "Marco Marsilio",
      "cod_fiscale": "80003170661",
      "piva": "",
      "pec": "[email protected]",
      "sito": "",
      "sede": "Regione Abruzzo / Palazzo Silone - Via Leonardo da Vinci 6, 67100 L'Aquila",
      "istat": "13",
      "num_province": 4      
     "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "error": null

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