List of properties from the address (Cadastre)

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Get a list of properties and land from the address. All in minutes and via API

More than 10 pieces of information on real estate or land such as category, class, annuity, size, agrarian and dominical income

Esempio List of properties from the address (Cadastre)

The Property List by Address service belongs to the Cadastral API and allows access to updated information on italian properties and land starting from an address.

The service is identified by the endpoint

Unlike the other services of the Cadastral API, for this one it is necessary to make a request to obtain one of the required parameters: the address ID. The endpoint to use is GET /indirizzo, and you need to pass the Province, Municipality, Section (if present), and address data.

Once you have obtained the ID, you can proceed to make the request to the Address Property List service.


The method to be used is POST, an example of a call to the endpoint follow:


The parameters to pass in the request body are:

  • address_id
  • from_street_number
  • to_street_number

This is an example of the parameters required:

      "id_indirizzo": "MjUwNSMyMzYjVklBIERFTCBSSVZP",
      "dal_civico": "3",
      "al_civico": "4", 

The response is asynchronous. When making the request, it is also possible to set a callback to be notified when the data becomes available.


The response will include the parameters used in the call plus the ID: 

  "data": {
    "endpoint": "address",
    "state": "processing",
    "callback": false,
    "parameters": {
      "address_id": "MjUwNSMyMzYjVklBIERFTCBSSVZP",
      "from_number": 2,
      "to_number": 3      
    "result": null,
    "outcome": null,
    "timestamp": 1716374985,
    "owner": "[email protected]",
    "id": "664dcdc97de11b2d0426430f"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null


EXAMPLE REQUEST GET /richiesta/{id}

To obtain the data, it will be necessary to make a second request, as anticipated, to another endpoint with the previously obtained ID.

This is an example of an address request, made using the ID resulting from the previous call (664dcdc97de11b2d0426430f):



EXAMPLE RESPONSE GET /richiesta/{id}

Here again, the data in the answer will include the parameters used previously plus more than 10 pieces of information on properties or land compatible with the search.

In the case where the search was performed on the building cadastre type, the information will be as follows:

  • subordinate
  • address
  • census zone
  • typology
  • class
  • size
  • income
  • property_id

 Below is an example response that includes 2 properties:

  "data": {
    "endpoint": "indirizzo",
    "stato": "evasa",
    "callback": false,
    "parametri": {
      "id_indirizzo": "MjUwNSMyMzYjVklBIERFTCBSSVZP",
      "dal_civico": "2",
      "al_civico": "3"
    "risultato": {
      "immobili": [
          "sezione_urbana": null,
          "foglio": 84,
          "particella": 252,
          "subalterno": "",
          "indirizzo": "VIA DEL RIVO, 2 Piano T - S1",
          "zona_censuaria": "2",
          "categoria": "A/7",
          "classe": "4",
          "consistenza": "5,5 vani",
          "rendita": "Euro:426,09",
          "partita": "",
          "id_immobile": "saf1sf9djosaj0asdaljf93jfjkdkjsòfrjòjsdfòajdsòjfòsjf"
}, { "sezione_urbana": null, "foglio": 69, "particella": 965, "subalterno": 1, "indirizzo": "VIA DEL RIVO, 3 Piano T", "zona_censuaria": "2", "categoria": "C/1", "classe": "3", "consistenza": "70 mq", "rendita": "Euro: 566,79", "id_immobile": "saf1sf9djosaj0adsf3234eedeòjsdfòajdsòjfòsjf"
} ] }, "esito": "OK", "timestamp": 1625232029, "owner": "[email protected]", "id": "60e581c58138e80d804dad20" }, "success": true, "message": "", "error": null }

The response will also contain the IDs of the properties/lands that can be used to make a direct request for cadastral property (ordinary or historical) certificate using the dedicated endpoint.

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