Mortgage Certificates

  • Openapi Delivery : 2 Hours
  • Openapi starting from € 7,70 + vat

The Mortgage Certificate is provided by service within 2 hours and can be requested for any property or subject from 7,70€.

The Mortgage Certificate is an official document issued by the Real Estate Advertising Service of the Revenue Agency and allows you to obtain the list of registered deeds relating to a specific property or subject.

Esempio Mortgage Certificates

The Mortgage Certificate allows you to verify the ownership of the properties and the presence of any formalities on these.

The available Mortgage Certificates are:

  • Mortgage Certificate for Real Estate
  • Mortgage Certificate by Subject
  • National Mortgage Certificate by Subject
  • Single Note Mortgage Certificate

The Mortgage Certificate by property and subject includes the following information:

  • transcripts (e.g. trades, inheritances, foreclosures, etc.)
  • the registrations (voluntary, judicial and legal mortgages)
  • the annotations (restriction of assets, total cancellation, etc.) recorded through the cadastral data of a property (sheet, parcel and any subordinate)

The national Mortgage Certificate allows the search for possible encumbrances at national level and no longer limited to the province/property register.

The single note hypocatastal Certificate instead allows you to obtain specific information on a single formality:

  • the data related to the deed (type, date and public official from which it was issued, repertory number)
  • the data related to the property
  • the parties involved (e.g. buyer and seller)
  • further information relevant to real estate advertising

To apply online for the Mortgage certificate for real estate, the following data are required: type of property, province or municipality, Sheet and Particle.

The following data is required to apply online for the Mortgage Certificate by subject: Fiscal Code / VAT and property register

In order to request online the mortgage visualization for each single note you need the following data: type of property, province or municipality, Sheet and Detail, type and register number, type of note

What is the Mortgage certificate for?

As mentioned above, the Mortgage certificate allows the ownership of a property and any burdens that fall on a property or subject. It’s an indispensable service when buying and selling a property

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • National Mortgage Certificate € 23,70 + vat
  • Mortgage Certificate by Subject € 12,70 + vat
  • Mortgage Certificate for Real Estate € 12,70 + vat
  • Single Note Mortgage Certificate € 7,70 + vat