Real Estate Report

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Verify real estate assets and possible encumbrances of a subject through the services of Openapi.

Real estate reports are documents that certify the property assets of a subject and eventual burdens on these.

Esempio Real Estate Report

Real estate reports are available via service in the following versions:

  • Real Estate Light Report (list of properties entitled to a subject and synthetic list of formalities at a single province)
  • Intermediate Real Estate Report (in addition to the information already present in the Light Report, also the two most recent prejudicial deeds)
  • Real Estate Report Plus (in addition to the information present in the intermediate Report, it contains the details of the two most recent entries of voluntary mortgage not cancelled)

Documents are issued in 20 working days. The data required to make the request for the real estate report are: tax code and municipality.

What is the Real Estate Report for?

The Real Estate Report is a useful tool to conduct a first verification on the property assets of the subject, in particular on the presence of negativity.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Real Estate Light Report € 17,70 + vat
  • Intermediate Real Estate Report € 27,70 + vat
  • Real Estate Report Plus € 29,70 + vat