Floor plans and Planimetrics Maps

  • Openapi Delivery : 24 Hours
  • Openapi starting from € 6,90 + vat

Floor Plans, Planimetrics maps and Cadastral maps available through service from 8,30€.

All documents are official documents of the Territorial Agency.

Esempio Floor plans and Planimetrics Maps

The services available through service are:

  • Planimetric maps
  • Map Extract
  • Cadastral Planimetry

In order to make the request you need the following cadastral data of the property: Province, Municipality, Sheet and Parcel.

For the request of the cadastral plan is also necessary the delegation.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Cadastral Planimetry € 6,90 + vat
  • Planimetric maps € 8,90 + vat
  • Map Extract € 9,30 + vat