Cadastral Certificate

  • Openapi Delivery: 5 Minutes
  • Openapi starting from € 3,50 + vat

The Cadastral Certificate is provided synchronously and can be requested on any type of building or land or subject from 3,50€.

The Cadastral Certificate is an official document issued by the Revenue Agency and can be requested by anyone without obligation of delegation.

Esempio Cadastral Certificate

The Cadastral Certificate allows you to consult the information registered in the Land Registry regarding a property (building or land) or a subject and in particular presents the following information:

  • the identification and income data of real estate (census area, category, class, consistency and income)
  • the personal data of the person(s) who owns the real estate (name, date and place of birth, tax code and real fees and charges)

The Cadastral Certificate is not available for the provinces of Trento and Bolzano because they are managed by their respective autonomous provinces.

  "data": {
    "nome_visura": "Visura Catastale Immobiliare Ordinaria",
    "nome_categoria": "Catastali",
    "json_struttura": {
      "campi": {
        "$0": {
          "nome": "Tipo di Catasto",
          "tipo": "radiobutton",
          "null": true,
          "istruzioni": "Inserire la tipologia di catasto: Fabbricato o Terreno"
        "$1": {
          "nome": "Codice Fiscale",
          "tipo": "codice_fiscale",
          "null": false,
          "istruzioni": "Inserire il Codice Fiscale del soggetto",
          "ordine": "1"
        "$2": {
          "nome": "Provincia",
          "tipo": "provincia",
          "null": false,
          "istruzioni": "Inserire Provincia",
          "ordine": "1"
        "$2": {
          "nome": "Comune",
          "tipo": "comune",
          "null": false,
          "istruzioni": "Inserire Comune",
          "ordine": "1"
      "validazione": "$0 && $1 && $2 || $3  ",
      "istruzioni": "PHA+UGVyIHJpY2hpZWRlcmUgbGEgVmlzdXJhIENhbWVyYWxlIE9yZGluYXJpYSAtIFNvY2lldCZhZ3JhdmU7IGRpIENhcGl0YWxlIGluc2VyaXNjaSB1bm8gZGVpIHNlZ3VlbnRpIGRhdGk6Jm5ic3A7bGEgPHN0cm9uZz5EZW5vbWluYXppb25lIC8gUmFnaW9uZSBzb2NpYWxlPC9zdHJvbmc+Jm5ic3A7b3BwdXJlIGxhIDxzdHJvbmc+UGFydGl0YSBJVkEgLyBDb2RpY2UgRmlzY2FsZTwvc3Ryb25nPjwvcD4NCg==",
      "istruzioni_ricerca": ""
    "ricerca": "1",
    "prezzo_visura": 0,
    "prezzo_ricerca": 0,
    "hash_visura": "eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3"
  "success": true,
  "message": """,
  "error": null


What is the Cadastral Certificate for?

The Cadastral Certificate allows you to verify the correspondence between cadastral data in the Revenue Agency database and the current state of the property. It is also a fundamental tool to correctly complete practices such as Model 730 or Unique Model, to obtain the data on the cadastral rent and therefore the correctness of the taxes on the property and is necessary in some transactions such as sale, lease and succession.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Cadastral Certificate for natural person € 3,50 + vat
  • Historical cadastral certificate for natural person € 3,90 + vat
  • Ordinary cadastral certificate of a property € 3,50 + vat
  • Historical cadastral certificate of a property € 3,90 + vat
  • Cadastral Certificate of Legal Person € 3,50 + vat
  • Historical cadastral certificate of legal person € 3,90 + vat