Chamber services for businesses and professionals: the case of Ufficio Camerale

How to build a winning project from scratch with 10 ws of Openapi

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2021 was a year of incredible growth for Openapi, which developed numerous services and contributed to the realisation of important projects.

Since January, Openapi has been chosen by Ufficio Camerale, the leading portal for business services, for the introduction of new services, extremely innovative from a technological point of view.

In particular, with the Openapi integrations, it has been possible to make easier and faster the search for information on people/companies. In addition, some of these services have been made completely free  and available to anyone browsing the Ufficio Camerale portal.
There are a total of 10 web services integrated in the Ufficio Camerale project: let's see them in detail.

1) Company Information

The Company Information service allows you - starting from the VAT number/tax code or name - to extract all the personal data and detailed information (e.g. turnover, number of employees, PEC) of an Italian company. These are official data provided by the Chamber of Commerce.

Ufficio Camerale has integrated the Business Service into the procedure for requesting Chamber of Commerce Visas and Certificates, thereby considerably reducing the time taken to provide these services and the possibility of errors arising from incorrect data entry. In fact, the user, by entering the VAT number or the name in the form, has an immediate feedback of the main data of the company and can then proceed to the completion of the request.

With more than 32,000 visas issued in 2021, the error rate was 0.002%.

In addition, the Enterprise service has been integrated to create the free "Find Company" service, which allows users to check all the main information of a company they are interested in (e.g. PEC, registered office address, turnover, etc.), free of charge and in an instant.

2) Geocoding

The Geocoding service allows you to convert street addresses into geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), useful for positioning on the map. A reverse function is also available to convert geographical positions into addresses (reverse geocoding).

The service has been integrated into the Ufficio Camerale when searching for information on a company, in order to display its position on a map. Specifically, starting from an address, the service is able to return the longitude and latitude, and in this way it is possible to locate the company's exact headquarters.

In 2021 alone, 14,581 company cards will be created thanks to the Geocoding service.

3) Municipalities

With Openapi's Municipalities service it is possible to verify in one second the administrative and postal data of cities, provinces and regions, ensuring correct information for deliveries and optimising checkout thanks to autocomplete.
In particular, the service allows
- starting from the postcode to discover the Municipality and Province
- starting from the Region, to obtain all the Provinces belonging to it and, starting from the Province, to identify all the Municipalities belonging to it.

Thanks to the implementation of the ws, Ufficio Camerale has made it easier and faster to fill in the purchase and digital signature request forms. Just entering the postcode automatically fills in the Province, Municipality and Country fields.

After the integration of this service, the time needed to complete the checkout has been reduced by 27%.

The implementation of the same service, in the digital signature request form, has significantly reduced the problems associated with errors in shipping addresses.

The Municipalities service has also been used to identify Provinces and Municipalities of a specific Region. This is true, for example, for the service "Investigative Report for Credit Recovery Legal Person": just entering the Region of the head office among the data of the legal person, the user can choose in an instant the province and the municipality of reference, without having to search for them within an infinite list of locations, but having as options only those related to his region.

4) Visengine 2

The Visengine service allows you to obtain official documents from the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry and to complete Patronato and CAF practices. The Chamber of Commerce and cadastral services are provided in synchronous mode.

Ufficio Camerale has used the Visengine service for the request of Chamber of Commerce visas and certificates in real time.

Together with the common service, it ensured a user experience rewarded by an average customer rating of 4.47 / 5.

5) Ufficio Postale (Postal Services)

The Ufficio Postale service (related to Postal services) allows you to send registered letters, telegrams, ordinary and priority mail to one or more recipients (both individuals and companies) in just a few seconds and - depending on the product chosen - provides a tracking system and/or delivery notification.

Postal services are also part of the additions made by Ufficio Camerale via Openapi. In particular, a web service integration has been set up to allow buyers of postage statements to opt for the delivery of the document by registered mail, with delivery tracking.

The automation of the sending of visas through Open API's Post Office service has made it possible to reduce document delivery times by 30%.

6) Marche Temporali (Time Stamps)

Openapi offers its customers the possibility of requesting lots of time stamps of any size (from 20 to millions) from the main operators on the market: InfoCert and Aruba .

Ufficio Camerale has integrated the Marche Temporali service (related to Time Stamps) and offers its customers over 14 different time stamp offers. It also allows customers to be updated via SMS notification when their batch is about to expire.

Thanks to Marche Temporali's services, Ufficio Camerale can offer a wide range of products without warehousing and with delivery times of even the largest batches of just a few seconds.

7) Firma Digitale (Digital Signatures) and SPID

Through the service of Openapi it is possible to request the so-called digital trust services such as the digital identity SPID and Digital Signatures, of any type (smart card, usb or remote version) - both InfoCert and Aruba providers. Openapi is the only one to offer SPID via API.

With the implementation of this service, Ufficio Camerale has been able to make both SPID and the different types of digital signatures provided by Openapi available for purchase on its website, thus offering visitors a wide range of products to choose from according to their needs.

Integration with the SPID service has made it possible to respond to citizens' growing need to access public administration services, and in 2021 more than 14500 digital identities were issued.

8) SMS

The service allows to interact with the messaging software (Italian version) and (English version), and therefore to send text messages both via API and via platform to Italy and the UK. The SMS messages sent are exclusively of high quality (alphanumeric sender and delivery report) and allow the programming of the sending, as well as the creation of concatenated messages (more than 160 characters).

Through the integration of this service, Ufficio Camerale can send automated SMS messages to its customers containing alerts, deadline warnings and updates on the status of the file. This allows users to get in touch with their own contacts more quickly and for free, using a communication tool, the SMS, which is still very successful and guarantees maximum deliverability.

The sending of SMS expiry warnings has meant that - compared to 2020 - there has been a 29% increase in the purchase rate of renewals of Chamber Office services in 2021.

9) PEC Massiva (Mass Email Service)

The PEC Massiva service (Mass Email Service) allows you to send Certified Mails in bulk and to check the status of emails, delivery and receipt.

Ufficio Camerale has integrated the service to ensure maximum certainty for service expiry notifications (e.g. for digital signatures).

Communications via PEC (Certified Mail) recorded a renewal rate within 24 hours of 73%.

10) Invoice Channel and Split Payment

OpenApi has made available three services to reduce the problems associated with Electronic Invoicing: Sdi e-Invoice and Split Payment.

The Invoice Code service (associated with the Enterprise service) allows you to obtain the recipient code for electronic invoicing by entering the VAT number.

The Split Payment service, on the other hand, returns the list of companies subject to split payment that have VAT charged to the public administration.

Ufficio Camerale used both services in the purchase form and recorded a 90% reduction in rejected invoices.

Chamber services for businesses and professionals: the case of the Ufficio Camerale

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