Nomore Master Coding Problems: the case of Computer System

With the integration of "Search Company" Computer System has simplified master data encoding and drastically reduced invoicing errors

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Computer System Snc is a company specialised in the creation of customised software and has been offering tailored solutions for various types of management systems since 1984. In particular, corporate management software (e.g. accounting, invoicing), catering (e.g. gastronomy, take-away), automotive (e.g. body shop, tyre shop, etc.).

When the company started using Openapi, its intention was mainly to streamline all the master coding phases.

"Often our customers, when encoding master data within their management systems, did not complete all administrative and electronic invoicing data correctly. As a result, there was a high percentage of errors when sending documents to SDI": these are the words of Daniele Vanzini, Software Development Manager at Computer System Snc.

To remedy the problems just mentioned, they chose Openapi's "Search Company" API, which provides all the necessary master data for correct invoicing in a single query: e.g. name, address, unique code, and more. All this in a secure, instant and extremely reliable way.

The service integration therefore lived up to expectations, as Computer System was able to achieve its three main objectives

  • significantly simplify the master coding phases
  • progressively reduce the number of errors
  • shorten customer support times for errors not attributable to the company's management products

In one fell swoop, this has increased the productivity of Computer System's employees, who no longer have to waste time correcting inaccurate data, and the satisfaction of customers, who no longer need to contact customer care for error correction.

Computer System has been able to observe how, in recent months, the entire data verification procedure, following the integration of Openapi's "Search Company" service, has been taking place accurately, reliably and quickly, while still complying with privacy laws.

Nomore Master Coding Problems: the case of Computer System

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