How Callmewine reduced manual control of companies

With the Enterprises API, it was possible to make the Business portal accessible only to Ho.Re.Ca. customers, based on ATECO code

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Callmewine is one of the most important wine e-commerce. It boasts an assortment of over 11,000 labels including white and red wines, champagnes, sparkling wines, spirits and the largest selection of artisanal wines on the web, from Italy and around the world.

A rapidly expanding company, which however needed to streamline some internal processes if it wanted to improve its production process even more. And that is why it turned to Openapi.

In fact, Callmewine needed to reduce as much as possible the manual checking of companies registering on the Business portal - only accessible to Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotellerie Restaurant Café) customers - and EU companies requesting VAT exemption.

A need that our Enterprises API was able to fully meet: the main advantage of this API is precisely that it allows the automation of processes that would otherwise be time-consuming.

Enterprises allows, from the simple entry of a company's VAT number or tax code, a list of detailed information on the company in question.

This is how Callmewine gained access to specific data, useful for simplifying its internal procedures. In particular, by validating the ATECO code, it was possible to make the registration of Business customers automatic, limiting onboarding exclusively to Ho.Re.Ca users, the only ones who could actually access the portal.

In addition, this allowed the automatic onboarding of orders from companies with a valid VAT number in the European Union, which also required access to VAT exemption.

The positive effects of the API integration were visible right from the start: less manual internal activity, so more time to spend with customers. Not only that. The reduction of time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks relieved employees and prevented burnout.

In general, limiting the likely causes of high stress as much as possible is crucial when creating a healthy and productive working environment.

We are very aware of this at Openapi and it is for this reason that we aim for rapid integration and the creation of APIs that, as was the case with Callmewine, can simplify and speed up the daily activities of workers.

How Callmewine reduced manual control of companies

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