When a Clean Customer Portfolio improves your business: the case of iospedisco.it

The API services Search Company Basic and Tax Code Verification made it possible to clean up the customer database in a few seconds

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iospedisco.it is the first Italian search engine for shipping all types of parcels (bulky items, furniture, household appliances and others), helping to compare the costs and services of national and international couriers.

When it started using Openapi, iospedisco.it had a very specific aim: to find a valid support for checking the master data of their customers. In fact, being a platform with more than 100.000 subscribers, it needed to quickly check registered users, both consumer and business. To this end, it chose two service APIs:

The first allowed them, through the entry of VAT number or tax code, to obtain all the main information of specific Italian companies that relied on their portal: we are talking about data such as name, recipient code, activity status, address, geographical coordinates and more.

The second, on the other hand, made it possible to ascertain that the tax code of private customers was valid and actually registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Since the API services just described by Openapi have immediate response times, iospedisco.it considerably reduced the time dedicated to checking users and this meant that it was able to reallocate its resources in the best possible way. The time saved was in fact reinvested in other activities useful to their business.

In addition, Openapi's services took on the important function of a 'filter' for the company, as they enabled an immediate cleaning process of the customer portfolio.

All this from a single platform, without having to carry out any manual checks. The choice of these APIs therefore represented a great ally for iospedisco.it in its day-to-day activities and the improvement of its databases, which proved to be decisive in such a phase of strong company expansion and growth.

When a Clean Customer Portfolio improves your business: the case of iospedisco.it

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