How the check on European companies has enriched Addlance's databases

The European VAT API has enabled rapid verification of marketplace members and invoicing data

  • Author: Francesca Columbu
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AddLance is Italy's leading marketplace for freelancers. It gives individuals and companies the opportunity to find the best freelancers for advanced tertiary services: app/site development, creativity, writing/translation, marketing, accountants, photographers, architects and engineers.

The company, when it turned to Openapi, needed to carefully check each member to increase the quality of service for the benefit of both customers and freelancers. It therefore needed a well-structured database, built from a proven system of checks, including cross-checks.

Openapi's European VAT API made this possible. In fact, it is an API that makes it possible to obtain information on all EU Member States, simply by entering the VAT/VAT number and the country identification code. By checking the validity of the VAT number and other data such as company name and registered office in real time, the service enabled Addlance to speed up the checking of information entered into its systems and, at the same time, to eliminate annoying typing errors.

In addition, it meant that users did not have to be contacted several times for checks and possible correction of entered data.

Another benefit is that of invoicing: Addlance wanted to minimise errors in invoicing and succeeded, again thanks to the European VAT API, through which the data entry of a company was automated.

This led to an optimisation of Addlance's internal workflows and a considerable saving of time. Time that it was possible to reinvest in other, more profitable and less repetitive activities, thus also more satisfying both for the users registered on the platform and for those managing the marketplace.

How the check on European companies has enriched Addlance's databases

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