Accurate data and instant messaging: goals achieved for Abbi Group

SMS, CAP and Geocoding APIs made the difference for the retail group that owns brands such as CRAI and DESPAR

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Abbi Group is one of the leading companies in the food retail sector (Supermarkets and Cash&Carry) in Italy, operating mainly in Sardinia and Lazio with well-known brands such as CRAI and DESPAR, and ARD Discount shops.

It also operates in wholesale distribution with Centro Cash, a reference point in the Horeca and food retail world.

We are talking about a group that continues to grow and that focuses so much on technological innovation, as is also demonstrated by Tuttigiorni, based on the Every Day Low Price strategy, which is expanding rapidly with the opening of shops both in Sardinia and Rome.

Such an articulated and rapidly evolving system increasingly needs to automate its activities to make internal processes more efficient.

This is the main reason why Abbi Group recently chose to rely on the services of Openapi, through the integration of three APIs:

SMS, in particular, is used daily in customer registration APPs to send instant messages to customers holding a Fidelity Card.

The second API, CAP, enables verification of postcodes and addresses, which is useful for correctly validating the data entered within the customer registration APP.

Geocoding, on the other hand, is indispensable in eCommerce systems to be able to calculate how far the customer's address is from the shops: this information is essential to determine whether that destination should be excluded from delivery or whether a higher cost should be applied based on distance.

Thanks to the API integrations, Abbi Group is able to have more accurate data, avoiding those errors that often occur when adding data.

At the same time, the company has been able to significantly reduce the time needed for manual input of information, as processes are made increasingly automated.

Not only that. As we have seen, the geolocalisation service has made the logistics part of the deliveries even more efficient on the eCommerce side, with the advantage of not having to calculate costs manually.

All these activities, added together, have led to a speeding up of services and an improvement in productivity.

The reduction of manual work is one of the objectives of the Abbi Group, which thus has more time to invest in innovation processes, which will benefit the company's entire business and make the group even more competitive.

Accurate data and instant messaging: goals achieved for Abbi Group

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