A national database accessible in seconds: the case of INGEGNO SUITE

"Search Company", "Registered Mail", "Priority Mail" are the three services that made the difference for the company

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INGEGNO SUITE is a modular management software with over 25 modules including invoicing, orders, warehouse, CRM, ticketing and more, which can be fully customised.

One of the company's main requirements over the last few months was to offer the customer a national database from which to retrieve master data as quickly as possible. The Openapi API responded perfectly to this need.

INGEGNO SUITE, in particular, chose to integrate three services:

Thanks expecially to "Search Company", the company achieved its goal: in fact, the API service allowed the user who relies on the management software to automatically access very important information such as turnover, number of employees and other data from the latest balance sheets, simply by entering the company's VAT number. All at a very competitive price and in a matter of seconds.

What INGEGNO SUITE particularly appreciated about Openapi is the fact that the API services allow the customer to have additional functionalities that are often not present in other software. As a result, one finds oneself working faster and with very little margin for error.

The integration of the selected services within the marketplace has made it possible to enrich the management software, guaranteeing a complete and well-structured service. The customers of INGEGNO SUITE now have the great advantage of having all the information they need available within a single platform, without having to rely on different software to manage their work. This also means saving their time and better internal organisation of their activities.

A national database accessible in seconds: the case of INGEGNO SUITE

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