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From Cadastre to Municipalities: 5 Openapi services implemented on

  • Author: Alessandro Mollicone
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Three months ago Openapi was chosen by, one of the most important portals in Italy for the provision of cadastral and chamber of commerce searches, to introduce new services, with the aim of optimising request times and extending the range of its products.

In just a few months, 5 different Openapi services have been implemented in

1) Cadastre

The Cadastral service allows you to obtain all the cadastral data of buildings or real estate properties of a subject, synchronously via API.

In the project, was chosen for the free service "Find Real Estates", which allows you to check, by entering a tax code or VAT number, whether a private or legal entity has real estate or land in its name. The tool is a quick and simple preliminary check on the subject, useful before proceeding to the purchase of any cadastral and hypocatastal views.

2) Geocoding

Geocoding is the service that allows you to convert street addresses into geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) in order to locate a business on a map. It is possible through the same service to use the reverse functionality (geocoding reverse) to convert geographical coordinates into addresses.

On, geocoding has been used in the business cards of the free business search service to show the location of the individual company searched on the map. In the same tab it is also possible to display a second map with the geolocation of competitors, i.e. companies with the same Ateco Code present in the area. The service was also used in the company search phase for individual products (e.g. visura camerale).

As of December 2021, there are approximately 12 million maps on the website.

3) Visengine also includes the Visengine service, which allows you to obtain official documents from the Chamber of Commerce and Land Registry. The Chamber of Commerce and Land Registry services are provided 83% synchronously, 10% (e.g. Certificates) in 2 hours, the remaining 7% (Planimetria) in 24 hours.

4) Company Information Service has also implemented the Company Information service both in the free tool Company Search and when filling out the application form.

In the free Company Search tool - by entering the VAT number or the company name - you can get the main information on the company, such as PEC, Turnover, Profit, Share Capital, Employees, Recipient Code and Company Performance (historical turnover, profit and employees).

When filling out the request for services such as Chamber of Commerce, by entering the VAT number you can have the result of the associated company to complete the request correctly in a few seconds and error-proof.

5) Municipalities

The Municipalities service of Openapi allows you to verify or obtain in real time administrative and postal data of cities, provinces and regions, ensuring certain information for the optimisation of purchase forms (thanks to autocomplete) or for the delivery of physical products.

In particular, the service allows:

  • from the postcode to retrieve the municipality and the province
  • starting from the Region, to obtain all the Provinces belonging to it and, starting from the Province, to identify all the Municipalities belonging to it.

The Municipalities service has made it possible to reduce the time taken to fill in the purchase form by 23%, invoicing errors by 37% and the rate of shopping cart abandonment by 18%., the website for professionals only: discover the case study

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