Postal services at the service of consumers: The case of Disdetta Legale

How to send cancellations of any service via Open API

  • Author: Alessandro Mollicone

The Disdetta Legale portal was born in 2017 from the intuition of the project's creator, exasperated by the wait at a physical post office to send a registered letter for cancellation.

Thanks to the integration of Openapi's registered mail service, Disdetta Legale became a reality and has grown over the years.

With over 29,000 cancellations sent and over 170 different types of cancellation, it has become the leading portal in the sector. ADSL/Telephone, Electricity/Gas, Rai/Pay TV are the main areas of reference, but there are also many others, such as the travel sector (with reference to cancellations that can be requested due to Covid), gyms, banks, newspapers, trade unions, employment, insurance and municipal services, to name but a few.

In addition to the wide range of cancellations and withdrawals on offer, DisDetta Legale has stood out for its ability to guarantee rapidity in filling in online forms, immediacy in monitoring dispatch and certainty of delivery.

Open API's services contributed enormously to the simplicity of the search mechanism and the compilation of the withdrawal and cancellation forms, as well as facilitating dispatch and ensuring guaranteed delivery.


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Postal services at the service of consumers: The case of Disdetta Legale

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