among the Speakers at ISWEEK, the event on Italian Software and Technology

Appointment 26 May 2023, 15:30 with the Workshop held by our CEO Luca Scuriatti

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  • Date: 23/05/2023
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This week is particularly important for us at Openapi and for fans of the tech world. In fact, from 24 to 26 May 2023 ISWEEK, the event totally dedicated to Italian Software and Technology Made in Italy, will be held in live streaming.

The event involves us directly because we have the great pleasure of being among the speakers.

Our CEO Luca Scuriatti on Friday 26 May at 15:30 will hold a Workshop entitled ", the first Italian API Marketplace loved not only by developers".

What are the main topics? API technologies, how they are evolving and what offers in this area. We have surpassed the threshold of 380 API services, belonging to more than 8 categories (business information, ecommerce, digital trust, real estate, personal reports, citizen services, direct marketing, postal services), and we are happy that our API Marketplace continues to be the largest in Italy this year.

One of the goals we set ourselves every day is to contribute to the spread of tech culture, which, as it is known, is central in this historical period.

That is why we believe that taking part in an event like this has great relevance for our company. In fact, the purpose of this initiative is precisely to stimulate the knowledge of technology in Italy and to support companies in our country in adopting solutions designed and implemented by Italian minds.

In particular, ISWEEK is aimed at Freelancers, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Associations in Italy. It will be 3 very intense days, during which there will be workshops and inspirational speeches by CEOs and other leading figures from the most important Italian technology companies.

The event will be online, so you can connect from anywhere in Italy or the world.

Remember the workshop date: 26 May, 15:30

How to participate? Register here, it's free:

See you in streaming! among the Speakers at ISWEEK, the event on Italian Software and Technology

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