Openapi for ASD Falaschelavinio: a social commitment that has been going on for years

We are once again among the Sponsors of the Association from Anzio, which offers many young people an alternative to street life

  • Author: Francesca Columbu
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  • Date: 21/10/2022
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For several years now, Openapi has been a sponsor of the  Amateur Sports Association Falaschelavinio, which is strongly active in social work and operates in Anzio (Rome).

It is a commitment that our company has wished to uphold over time, as there are many positive effects that the ASD's action has on young people in the area.

In fact, the Association's goal is to pull young people out of conditions of educational poverty, bringing out their talents through sport and offering them a protected place to socialise.

Many of the initiatives promoted by Falaschelavinio are for charitable purposes. For example, on 2 July, a mini-football tournament was held to raise funds for little Riccardo Vassallo, who suffers from a rare malignant tumour for which he needs experimental treatment.

It makes us very happy to know that if the ASD continues to grow, it is also thanks to the support of Openapi. This year, in particular, our contribution made it possible to purchase football uniforms along with various training equipment.

Playing our part in commendable projects of this kind is always a source of pride for us. Since our company was founded, we have supported various social and labour inclusion programmes, and we will continue to do so with enthusiasm, because we believe that companies should play an active role in important issues in society: solidarity and hospitality are among them.

Openapi for ASD Falaschelavinio: a social commitment that has been going on for years

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