Once again this year Openapi supports ASD Falaschelavinio

We continue to support the Anzio sports association, in the front line in helping young people out of situations of educational poverty

  • Author: Francesca Columbu
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  • Date: 11/09/2023
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Openapi has renewed its commitment to the Amateur Sports Association Falaschelavinio, which was created through the merger of GSD Falasche and ASD Lavinio Campoverde.

The association, based in Anzio (Rome), is very active in social work and promotes the inclusion of young and very young people from the area. Thanks to sport, children and young people are guaranteed a safe and protected environment in which they can grow and develop.

We are very attached to this reality, which we have chosen to support in concrete terms for several years, becoming its official sponsor. Our sustenance contributes to the purchase of new instruments and sports equipment, and we are happy that the association continues to grow and carries on its activities, with great benefits locally.

It is a great pleasure to sustain the association and make our contribution so that all young people can dream of a better future.

We continue to support various inclusion programmes. These are all projects in which we strongly believe, and the extraordinary results we see over time lead us to want to confirm year after year our commitment to social, cultural and aggregation initiatives. Like the one in Falaschelavinio.

Once again this year Openapi supports ASD Falaschelavinio

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