Openapi: Data quality assurance is now certified

Among the few companies in Europe to have obtained ISO 25012 certification

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  • Author: Alessandro Mollicone
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  • Date: 27/11/2023
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Openapi offers millions of data and information on businesses, people, real estate, and vehicles. It has always been distinguished by its focus on data quality.

Now, this focus is also certified. Openapi is one of the few Italian and European companies to have obtained the prestigious ISO/IEC 25012:2014 certification.

In a sector like data, and in particular commercial information, where multiple entities operate, the ISO/IEC 25012:2008 certification is a distinctive value for those companies that have made data quality their strong point.

The certification aims to recognize the quality of archives or databases themselves, considering data as the main resource of organizations.

What is the ISO/IEC ISO 25012:2014 certification?

The ISO/IEC 25012 certification is an international certification that defines the data quality model. In a context where the amount of data and information managed by IT systems is increasing around the world, data quality has become a fundamental component of the quality and usefulness of the derived information and the majority of business processes associated with their use.

The ISO/IEC ISO 25012 certification defines a data quality model characterized by 15 components:

  • Accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Consistency
  • Completeness
  • Credibility
  • Accessibility
  • Understandability
  • Conformity
  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Confidentiality
  • Traceability
  • Availability
  • Portability
  • Recoverability

The characteristics of the model apply in particular to national interest databases:

  • National register of territorial data;
  • National population register;
  • National database of public contracts pursuant to article 62-bis;
  • Judicial case register;
  • Business register;
  • Automated archives on immigration and asylum

For Openapi, data quality is not only a distinctive value of its own operations, but also an improvement of the entire ecosystem, to which it fully adheres. It echoes the words of the AGID dedicated to the ISO 25012: "a new culture of data quality is an incentive for development and a driving force for the improvement of services, people, and technology".

Openapi: Data quality assurance is now certified

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