Company, the most complete and always updated companies data service

Financial data, social composition, employees, contacts for activities such as Marketing, AML, database enrichment

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  • Date: 10/05/2023
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A few days ago we published a new version of the Company service which offers the most comprehensive dataset of information on Italian companies.

The data is constantly updated and is released via API in real time.

The service consists of 4 endpoints:

  • AML
  • Marketing
  • Stakeholders
  • Full

AML (Anti-Money Laundering): get reliable information on customers

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is a set of measures and procedures aimed at preventing the use of dirty money, i.e. money obtained through illegal activities, for investments, purchases or other financial activities.

The main anti-money laundering activities include:

  • Verifying the identity and acquiring information on financial transactions of customers
  • Monitoring customers' behaviour to detect suspicious transactions
  • Reporting suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities

AML is the endpoint dedicated to information on persons who perform roles or have assignments within a company and meets the needs of customer identification and due diligence.

The endpoint is used by Fintechs, international banks and insurance companies.

Marketing: all company contacts enriched with information such as turnover and economic category

With the Marketing endpoint, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain all contact data of a company from the address of its headquarters, email, PEC, telephone number, fax, social links (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn).

In addition, a range of information is provided to identify the company's activity (e.g. ATECO code, NACE, SIC), size (number of employees and type of contracts) and financial situation (balance sheet, profit, trend, share capital).

The endpoint is used by all those companies that wish to carry out marketing and communication activities towards specific categories of companies and want to obtain all contact data and a summary of the economic and social structure of the company.

Stakeholders: the data of all people in the company

The Stakeholders endpoint makes it possible to obtain information on the people who make up the company: legal representative, partners, qualifications and employees.

For each individual person, data such as name, surname, role, start of business, age, tax code, date and place of birth are available. For partners, it is also possible to know the distribution of company shares.

Data on employees are: number, trend from the previous year, contract types in percent (e.g. permanent contract, part-time, full-time).

The endpoint is used by all companies that wish to know the social composition of the company and to obtain further information on employees.

FULL: the most comprehensive dataset with hundreds of company details

The Full endpoint presents the data offered by the other endpoints (AML, Marketing, Stakeholder) with additional details about the company and a special focus on the financial status.

It will therefore be possible to access all company information from data on composition, contacts, turnover enriched by more in-depth information on the structure of the corporate group and the health of the company: e.g. balance sheet, income statement, turnover, indicators of reliability and punctuality of payments, commercial risk indicators.

The endpoint is used by all those companies that want to have a complete dataset of companies to monitor and assess the creditworthiness of customers, or possible competitors, and reduce credit risk.


Access data on Italian companies

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Company, the most complete and always updated companies data service

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