SdI Code: What it is and how to get it via API

Openapi, the only one that offers the possibility to access the recipient code of any Italian company via API in a synchronous manner

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Electronic invoicing has revolutionized the way companies issue and receive invoices. In the context of electronic invoicing, the SdI (Exchange System) Recipient Code plays a key role in the transmission of tax documents.

In this article we will explore what the SdI Recipient Code is and how to obtain it through the API.

What is the SdI code?

The recipient code or SdI code identifies a receiving channel for electronic invoices. It is essentially a "telematic address" to which all electronic invoices issued and received by a particular recipient, usually a company, are sent.

The SdI code is not the only channel used to receive electronic invoices. The telematic receiving channel can be:

  • A CEM (Certified Electronic Mail) address
    Solution suitable for those who receive or issue a limited number of invoices.
    In this case, the supplier must indicate the value "0000000" in the "recipient code" field and enter the CEM address in the dedicated field.
  • Numeric code "0000000"
    This is used when the customer has not provided either the CEM address or the recipient code to the Internal Revenue Service. This is the typical case for invoicing to consumers, who can view electronic documents within their reserved area on the Internal Revenue Service website.
  • SdI recipient code
    This system is used by companies that need to issue or receive a large number of electronic invoices. The recipient code consists of a seven-digit alphanumeric code and is sufficient to issue and transmit a passive invoice to any company that has this code.

Whatever telematic address is chosen or predominant, it is always a good practice to register them on the Internal Revenue Service website.
Once registered, whether it is a CEM or an SdI code, the telematic address for the receipt of electronic invoices will be ready to receive, even in the absence of further indication to the supplier or customer, all active and passive invoices related to the recipient.

How to obtain an SdI or recipient code

To understand the e-invoicing process and how to obtain a recipient code, it is important to know the parties and mechanisms involved.
There are three main parties involved in electronic invoicing:

  • the sender
  • the recipient
  • the Internal Revenue Service

The Exchange System (SdI) acts as a connector, checking and verifying the transmission of documents, and is often referred to as the "letter carrier" of electronic invoicing. However, for large companies or stores, it is almost essential to have an IT system that automates the invoice flow. It is also possible to direct part of the invoices to the CEM and the rest to a telematic address linked to a unique code, if necessary.

Typically, you can request this from the service provider or software house responsible for managing electronic invoicing through the purchase or use of a management software or web service but this type of manual activity would become unmanageable if any customers and/or suppliers become multiple.

How to Obtain the SdI Recipient Code via API

Openapi is the only one that offers the possibility to access the recipient code of any Italian company via API in a synchronous way. Not only will you get the SdI code in real time, but you can also get all the company's information to avoid any billing errors and zero out rejects with the same call.

The service is Enterprises and you will have 2 endpoints based on the amount of information you want to get about the enterprise:

  • Basic
    Get business status, tax code, VAT number, registered office, date of registration, geographic coordinates and precisely recipient code
  • Advance
    In addition to the previous data you also get PEC, turnover and profit of the previous three years, number of employees, ATECO code and description, Legal Nature, REA Code, CCIAA, SHAREHOLDERS with shares, possible membership in VAT Group
  • Italian Recipient Code
    Get the updated Sdi code in real time

 All from €0.015 per call!


Access the SDI recipient code of

any Italian company via API


SDI Code: What it is and how to get it via API

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