Openapi Sponsor of Naples NPL Conference 2024

Among the largest events in Italy dedicated to NPE and NPL

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  • Date: 24/04/2024
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This year Openapi will sponsor the event Napoli NPL Conference, which will be held on 10 May.

The Conference, one of the most important in Italy, is in its third edition and its first objective is to outline the future scenarios related to the management of NPEs (Non Performing Exposures).

In addition, the focus will be on analysing the current state of the NPL (Non Performing Loans) market and artificial intelligence in the legal and debt collection sectors.

The event is organised by the University of Napoli Federico II, under the patronage of the European Commission, and will feature professionals from the banking, financial, and legal worlds in Italy as key players.

We at Openapi have already been offering services related to debt collection for years: in particular, thanks to the integration of our APIs, it is now possible to automate many useful procedures to ascertain the reliability and credibility of a subject, as well as to optimise the methods of communication with legal value.

Our APIs also offer all the data necessary for NPL recovery activities (e.g. PEC, registered office or residence address, email, financial statements, negatives, real estate) and allow access to numerous databases such as the Registry, Revenue Agency, CCIAA, CRIF, Experian.

These are just a few examples of the services currently available on our Marketplace, which can be accessed by registering on

We are very happy to participate in this important event dedicated to NPLs, certain that there will be interesting moments of comparison and exchange with other professionals close to our world. It will be thanks to this comparison that we will be able to become more aware of current market trends and strengthen our APIs in relation to this, ensuring that our services increasingly respond to the needs of those who choose to use them.

Openapi Sponsor of Naples NPL Conference 2024

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