On Openapi the only Database with Geolocalised Companies

New in Company Locator, now longitude and latitude also available

  • Author: Francesca Columbu
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  • Date: 01/04/2022
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Since a few days, the Search Company service has been enriched with a new piece of information: Geolocalisation.

With the Search Company, you will not only be able to access information such as turnover, profits, CEM (Certified Electronic Mail), and the addresses of more than 6.000.000 of companies, but you will also be able to obtain geographical coordinates with the same call.

You no longer have to make an additional call to convert the address; with just one call you will also have the longitude and latitude data available.

"gps": {
      "coordinates": [


Geolocalisation is currently available for both Basic and Advance.

A further added value that makes the company database available through calls to the company finder unique.


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On Openapi the only Database with Geolocalised Companies

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