Registered mail smart

  • Openapi Delivery : 4-7 Days
  • Openapi starting from € 2,60 + vat

The certified solution for medium or large recurring mailings, 24h acceptance and all directly online.

Integrate our API services and send registered mail nationwide from 2.60 € with Poste Italiane guarantee

Esempio Registered mail smart

Raccomandata Smart is the cheapest certified solution to send any type of correspondence (letters, documents, etc.) on the Italian national territory with tracking. Everything is done in automatic mode via API, without having to go to any collection center and without constraints of sending times.

It will be possible to integrate our services directly to your management software and send via API paper correspondence to one or more recipients, both individuals and companies, in a few seconds. The number of possible pages per single recipient is between 1 and 50. The contents of the mailing can be sent via HTML, PDF or URL, in text, png, jpg and jpeg formats.

Unlike online registered mail, the cost of registered mail Smart depends not only on the number of pages, but also on the destination area. These are the possible options:

  1. AM - Metropolitan Area
    Mail destination area identified by the set of ZIP codes with third digit 1 or 9, belonging to the municipalities of Turin, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Bari and Naples.
  2. CP - Provincial Capital
    Area of destination of correspondence identified by the set of ZIP codes with third digit 1 or 9, other than those falling within Metropolitan Areas
  3. EU - Extra Urban
    Destination area of correspondence identified by the set of ZIP codes with third digit 0, 5 or 8

The Raccomandata Smart provides only for companies as senders, unlike the Raccomandata Online, which can also provide for private-type senders.

Registered Smart Mail is delivered in an average of four working days (90 percent of mailings) in addition to the day of mailing, directly to the addressee or authorized/delegated person.

Registered Smart Mail provides 30 days of storage at post offices and an allowance in case of lost, damaged or delayed delivery of the item.

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