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GridSIG positions itself as a leader in the IT technology sector, offering services and consultations that cater to both innovative start-ups and companies eager to update and innovate their work processes. The company is committed to providing solutions that not only meet market challenges but are also safe, efficient, and intuitive, boasting consolidated experience in the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. The adoption of the Agile Project Management SCRUM methodology allows GridSIG to manage complex projects flexibly and efficiently, focusing on collaboration and the ability to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of clients. This approach translates into a detailed analysis of client requirements, the design of tailor-made solutions, the development of innovations, the implementation of advanced tools, specific quality tests, and targeted and continuous customer support. With a team of certified Scrum Master and Product Owner professionals, GridSIG not only ensures a high level of competence and reliability but also demonstrates its commitment to quality and safety with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. The company specializes in the development of custom solutions for a wide range of clients, including those in a phase of transition or technological updating, offering essential services for the innovation of processes and services through cutting-edge technologies.


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Openapi certified integrations

  • Business Information
  • Ecommerce

Programming languages

  • Java


  • Javascript


  • Python



  • Openapi System Integrator
  • Progettazione e sviluppo software personalizzato
  • Analisi dei sistemi e consulenza tecnologica
  • Gestione dei dati
  • Integrazione dei sistemi


  • Italian
  • English

Company headquarters:
Corso di Porta Vittoria, 18
Milano - Italia

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