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Centralix was founded in May 2021, but it has been on the market for over twenty years. It is specialized in designing and developing of communications management softwares such as virtual switchboards and contact centers as well as help desk platforms; Centralix is also engaged in the development of data collection systems. Our goal is to automate internal procedures optimizing the management of communications at every level, whether between individuals, data or systems. Following the digital transformation, we release our solutions in SaaS mode on dedicated Cloud Infrastructures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information with personal data. Our services have already helped in improving the business of companies from various industries; in response to the rapidly expanding market and to the competitive changing scenario, we are constantly committed in updating our softwares to meet new needs, so that they will not be just more efficient, but they will also support the companies’ growth.

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Company headquarters:
Via Filippo da Caserta, 10
Caserta - Italia

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