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With almost three decades of experience in project development on the Claris FileMaker platform, COSA Srl has been one of the first software houses to be awarded the Claris Platinum partnership in Italy. We develop custom tailored software solutions, app and PWA for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. We are convinced advocates that ad hoc projects implemented through an Agile approach and low-code and pro-code solutions for ERP, CRM, app and web, represent the state of the art to implement, run and manage operations in a modern and efficient way, ranging from small-medium sized companies to international enterprises. We are also Amazon Web Services Select partners. The partnership with AWS is a strategic tool for FileMaker and web based projects. We are Cloud early adopters and strenuous evangelists of its reliability: Cloud based infrastructure will grow ever more relevant to become a necessary requirement. Some of the AWS services we have now specialized as partners are: web app development, system integration, hosting services, migration of complex infrastructures, storage and database solutions. We also have many years of expertise on legacy systems integrations such as IBM AS/400 and API development.

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Company headquarters:
Via Antonio de Viti de Marco, 50
00191 - Roma

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