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First Digital Trade Ltd is a technology company operating in the payments sector. Our domain is embedded finance, and thanks to our payment agent license, we can implement various solutions, many of which leverage Open API technologies such as: customer identification, adequate verification of business and consumer customers, digital identification, electronic invoicing and storage, and many other activities to enhance and integrate your existing digital services or those you plan to develop. Additionally, we can open accounts, payment cards, and physical and virtual POS systems across Europe. The use cases are numerous, from retail chains to healthcare, vending distribution, centralized treasury management, to the digitization of anti-money laundering practices. All this and more is possible with Open API and First Digital Trade.

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  • Business Information
  • Ecommerce

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  • Javascript


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  • Php



  • Openapi System Integrator
  • Banking as a service
  • Payments solution
  • Digital onboarding software
  • embedded finance
  • Open finance


  • Italian
  • English

Company headquarters:
75 Shelton St
London - United Kingdom

Altre sedi:
p.zza Zanellato 23
Padova - Italia

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