Tax Code verification

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Real-time verification of an Italian citizen's tax code

Check the tax code of any private individual via API and see if it is actually registered with the Internal Revenue Service

Esempio Tax Code verification

The service allows you to check the validity of your tax code in real time. Unlike other APIs, the Openapi "Verification" service does not simply check the formal correctness of the tax code entered, but whether it is actually present at the Revenue Agency.


  "data": { 
   "validità": true,
    "success": true,
    "message": true,
    "error": "data"

The tax code consists of 16 alphanumeric characters and is used for tax purposes to uniquely identify Italian citizens. Through this service, it is therefore possible to ascertain that the code you are in possession of exists and is officially recognised. If positive, the result will be 'true'. In the event of a mismatch, 'false'.

The service as per contract conditions has daily rate limit constraints set for proper service management.
These limits vary depending on the subscription:

500.000 yearly 5000/day
150.000 yearly 3000/day
75.000 yearly 1500/day
10.000 monthly 1200/day
5.000 monthly 600/day
1.000 monthly 200/day

If the rate limit provided in the subscription is exceeded, calls will switch to charge on credit.
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