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Obtain data on private individuals such as name, residence, living status ascertainment from the tax code.

More than 15 information for locating People available via API

Esempio Personal data

The "Personal data" service is part of the API RISK and allows you to obtain a series of useful information for verifying, identifying, and confirming the existence of a person, starting from the parameter tax code.

The service is identified by the endpoint


The method to be used in the request is POST:


The parameters to be included in the body of the request are:

  • Tax Code
  • Callback (optional)

This is an example of the parameters needed for a request with the fiscal code RSSMRA90D15L117D:

  "cf_piva": "RSSMRA90D15L117D",  
  "callback": {
    "url": "",
    "field": "data",
    "method": "POST",
    "headers": {
      "session_id": "oiwejdf89453urf945jfg"

The response is asynchronous. It is possible to set a callback during the request phase to be updated when the data is available, without having to call the GET /richiesta/{id} endpoint multiple times to check its status. If the callback is set, the 'headers' field is mandatory and can be used to declare all the headers that the user wants to be returned in the callback (such as session_id).


The response will include the request ID to be used in a second call to access the desired data.

    "data": {
      "id": "60e866b6b3178c6dc80adf8e",
      "cf_piva": "RSSMRA90D15L117D",
      "tipo": [
      "callback": true,
      "field" data,
      "method" POST,
      "data": false,
      "headers": {
        "session_id": ""oiwejdf89453urf945jfg""
      "esito": "null"
      "timestamp": "null"
      "owner": "[email protected]"
      "soggetto": "null"
      "status": "PENDING",
      "date_request": "null",
      "date_completion": "null",
    "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "error": null

EXAMPLE REQUEST GET /IT-richiesta/{id}

To obtain the data, it will be necessary to make a second request, as previously mentioned, to another endpoint using the previously obtained ID.



The response will provide access to the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Residence
  • Gender
  • Place and Date of Birth
  • Living status
  • possible date of death
    "data": {
      "status": "COMPLETED",
      "date_request": "2021-07-09 17:09:42",
      "date_completion": "2021-07-09 17:40:57",
      "id": "60e866b6b3178c6dc80adf8e",
      "cf_piva": "RSSMRA90D15L117D",
      "tipo": [
      "callback": false,
      "esito": {
        "codice": 200,
        "info": "OK"
      "timestamp": 1625232029,
      "owner": "[email protected]",
      "soggetto": {
        "code": "RSSMRA90D15L117D",
        "code_conferma": "RSSMRA90D15L117D",
        "risultato": "OK",
        "nome": "Claudio",
        "cognome": "De Rossi",
        "deceduto": false,
        "decesso_data": null,
        "nascita_luogo": ROMA,       
        "nascita_data": 1970-01-15,       
        "sesso": M,    
        "residenza": {
          "indirizzo": "VIALE XXI APRILE 221",
          "toponimo": "VIALE",
          "via": "XXI APRILE",
          "numero_civico": "221",
          "comune": "ROMA",
          "cap": "00161",
          "provincia": "RM"
        "domicilio fiscale": null,
        "denominazione": De Rossi Claudio,
        "partita_iva": null,
        "sede_legale": null
    "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "error": null

The "Personal Data-Risk" service is also available for searches on Freelance Professionals and Companies.

Similarly, the "Personal Data-Risk" subscription can be used for searches on freelance professionals, companies, individuals.


The service, although available automatically via API, is subject to continuous LOG monitoring due to regulatory reasons, with the following limitations:

      • the service is active from 9 AM to 7 PM
      • the service is active only on weekdays
      • the rate limit is automatically configured for each client based on the annual volumes purchased

Requests made outside these hours or days go into a queue and are processed with priority on the next working day.

As per the contractual conditions, the service has daily rate limit constraints set for proper service management.
These limits vary based on the subscription:

100.000 per year 2000 per day
50.000 per year 1000 per day
30.000 per year 600 per day
10.000 per year 300 per day
5.000 per year 200 per day
5.000 per month 600 per day
1.000 per month 200 per day
300 per month 100 per day
100 per month 40 per day

In case of exceeding the rate limit provided by the subscription, calls will switch to being charged to the wallet credit.

If you want a personalized service, contact us here.

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