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The only API to turn html content into PDF, quickly, reliably, and also compatible with Google Charts.

The HTML/URL to PDF Conversion API is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly and accurately convert HTML web pages or URLs into high-quality PDF files.

Esempio HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF allows you to transform HTML content into PDF documents within your applications in seconds via API, using the powerful rendering engine.

HTML to PDF also renders the JavaScript part allowing you to convert both static and dynamic content. It is the only service compatible with Google Charts.

The API allows to keep the original look of the content indicated by html such as font types, size, color, any columns and tables, links. The service completely handles the css and the images on the web page are in fact processed and integrated correctly into the resulting PDF.

You can pass an HTML string or simply a URL as a parameter.

The HTML to PDF API is integrated, for example, in many ecommerce to generate the pdf of the payment receipt to be sent to the final customer or to be made available in the private area. Many times it is also associated with the time stamp file to temporally validate documents with legal value.

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