Certified mail domain verification

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Real-time verification of whether an email address is a CEM. All via API.

The only service that lets you ascertain if an email is a certified email address and communicate the right way

Esempio Certified mail domain verification

Are you tired of sending communications that no one will read?
With the Certified mail domain verification service you can know in real time if an email address is a PEC and choose the right way to communicate with the recipient.

There are over 14 million active CEMs in Italy, and it is not always easy to identify which addresses are "traditional" emails and which are certified.

Our service allows for certain and immediate feedback, in fact it not only verifies if an email address includes the domain of one of the CEM managers (e.g. @legalmail.com or @pec.it) but also if it is associated with one of the more than 250,000 certified domains.

To use the service, it is necessary to pass the email domain, e.g., domiciledigital.com or gmail.com, as a parameter.

The response will indicate whether that address is certified or not.

Example Code Response

   "data": [],
   "success": true,
   "message": "domiciliodigitale.com found!",
   "error": null

In this case, the domiciliodigitale.com domain has been recognized as certified.

Certified mail domain verification is integrated in e-commerce or platforms in order to identify in real time the type of address that is used during registration or purchase and to send the confirmation message, certified or not, that will be surely received. For this Verify PEC Domain is often used together with Massive CEM API, the service that allows you to send thousands of certified messages per day automatically and in real time.

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