Integrate SMS for Ecommerce

Manage quickly the communication with your customers via SMS.

  • Author: Francesca Columbu

Those who manage an ecommerce know how important it is to have a direct relationship with customers and to ensure secure authentication processes and transactions. This is why relying on a fast communication tool with a very high probability of receiving and opening such as SMS is definitely an optimal choice for all online stores and platforms.

OpenAPI gives the possibility to integrate into your site the SMS sending service and use it to communicate with your customers on various occasions such as registration, promotions, order management, shipping status information, feedback collection, etc..

The sending can be integrated through web service into all platforms such as management software, portals, booking sites, and you can use both the SMS in single mode, or in multiple mode with real-time or scheduled sending.

The integration of SMS sending into your own platform guarantees you an additional level of security, for example through the two-factor authentication system (2FA) or SMS OTP, i.e. the sending to a cell phone number of an additional access credential - in addition to the classic username/password - i.e. a PIN number (OTP) or disposable password provided via SMS. In online contexts, often at risk of hacker attacks and malware, SMS OTP is able to provide customers with secure access to their web applications and mobile apps.

Those who integrate the SMS service into their ecommerce have the possibility to choose between 2 integration modes:

1) connection to and platforms to send exclusively high quality SMS (delivery reports and sender customization) both via API and via platform to Italy and UK.

2) SMS Gateway: high and low quality SMS sending exclusively through web service.

Integrate SMS for Ecommerce

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