Check VAT Number for Ecommerce

Make your ecommerce checkout faster, reduce errors and optimize the conversion rate.

  • Author: Alessandro Mollicone

The VAT Number Check service, which allows you to obtain all the data of an Italian company through API in real time, perfectly meets the Ecommerce need as - by simply entering the VAT number - allows you to obtain as much data as possible on a business customer: Name, City, Address, Province and ZIP code.

Therefore, it represents the ideal solution for an ecommerce that needs to optimize forms for customers and its database.

The main advantage is the fact that the time needed to fill in the form and checkout of business customers is considerably reduced; you just need to enter one piece of data to have all the other desidered information. Consequently, by simply entering the VAT number, the form with the company's data is completed.

Statistical surveys show that the website speed is crucial in terms of SEO (so that Google favors the fastest sites), in terms of purchase rates and more:

  • 79% of customers who have had an unsatisfactory experience with the performance of the site are less willing to buy again
  • 64% of mobile users expect the page to load in less than 4 seconds
  • 47% of desktop users expect the page to load in less than 2 seconds
  • If your site generates $100,000 per day, 1 second of improved loading speed would generate $7,000 more
  • If it took only 1 second more, the bounce rate would be tripled, up to 90%.
  • On an annual basis, 1 second of delay can lead to a drop in turnover of $2.5 million in the case of shops with a daily turnover of $100,000.

(How Page Load Time Affects Conversion Rates: 12 Case Studies [Infographic])


Making the website load fast will surely guarantee a positive user experience and improve economic results, but how important would it be to increase form completion rate with correct data?

OpenAPI through its API helps you to make the completion of business forms even faster, remove friction to conversion, eliminate the risk of incorrect data entry.

That's why favoring automatisms and, consequently, speeding up the website functionalities - through the integration of the VAT number Check service - not only leads to significant time savings but also promotes an increase in sales on your ecommerce.

Check VAT Number for Ecommerce

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