DVLA Services (Vehicles)

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Check vehicle and owner information on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) directly via API.

Integrate the service and you can obtain DVLA searches via webservice.

Esempio DVLA Services (Vehicles)

The Company registrations available through API are:

  • DVLA Number Plate (document)
  • DVLA Owners (document)
  • Car Tax (document)

1) DVLA Number Plate's Company registration 

The data required to request a DVLA number plate company registration are: vehicle type and number plate.

The information contained in the visura concerns both the Vehicle and the Header and includes, by way of example: Number Plate, Chassis, Manufacturer, Registration Date, Deed Date, Vehicle Price, Owner's name and place and date of birth and place of residence.

PRA visura can be requested for all vehicles, cars, motorbikes and trailers, registered in the Public Register of Motor Vehicles after 1 October 1993.

The processing time for the DVLA Number Plate's Company registration is 24 working hours.

2) DVLA Owners' Company registration

The owner survey is available for both private individuals and companies. Depending on the type of subject, the following data will be required to make the request:

  • First Name, Surname and Tax Code for private individuals
  • Company name and VAT number for companies

The DVLA owners' company registration includes the list of registered vehicles with information such as Province of Competence, Number Plate Series, Role Code, Role Description, Role Reference Date, Formalities (Date and Description), Technical Data (Chassis, Number Plate, Class, First Registration Date).

The service provides for the delivery of complete data up to a maximum number of 20 vehicles. Beyond that number, the list of other vehicles will be delivered only with the plate data and vehicle type.

The delivery time for the DVLA Owners' Company registration is 5 working days.

3) Car tax Company registration

To request a car tax company registration you need a licence plate, vehicle type and region.

With the car tax company registration it is possible to obtain a list of all paid car taxes related to a specific vehicle.

In particular, the data available within the tax car company registration are:

  • Chassis
  • Registration date
  • Effective and expiry date
  • Whether first event or subsequent payment
  • Amount Due and Paid
  • Balance
  • Region

The delivery time for the Car Tax Company registration is 3 working days.

Our prices

Price list for single API calls

  • Number Plate Retention Certificate € 16,70 + vat
  • PRA holder certificate € 22,50 + vat
  • Vehicle Taxes € 21,70 + vat