Verify Licence Plates Car

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Check the number plates of any car in real time and directly via API

Get information such as the registration date, model, make and engine capacity of a car from the number plate alone.

Esempio Verify Licence Plates Car

Thanks to the Auto Plate Check service, you can retrieve information via API for any car. You can do this using the license plate parameter.

In particular, from the 'License Plate' parameter, you can obtain over 10 updated pieces of information about the vehicle, such as:

  • car model ("CarModel")
  • registration date ("RegistrationYear")
  • brand ("CarMake")
  • version ("Version")
  • fuel type ("FuelType")
  • engine size ("EngineSize")
  • horsepower ("PowerCV")
  • number of doors ("NumberOfDoors")

The 'Car Licence Plate Verification' service is identified by the endpoint GET CAR/{license-plate}.

For each country, there will be a specific endpoint with the country code:

  • GET /IT-car/{LicensePlate} for Italy
  • GET /FR-car/{LicensePlate} for France
  • GET /UK-car/{LicensePlate} for the UK
  • GET /DE-car/{KBANumber} for Germany

The response is in real time, as is the updating of the database. All data come from official sources. 


The request can be made from the TARGA parameter ('LicensePlate'). In this case we will use the endpoint for Italy{LicensePlate}

 In the case of Germany, the parameter is not the number plate but the KBA Number (Manufacturer Key Number / Type Key Number).


Here is an example response, with all the vehicle specifications:

      "data": {
        "LicensePlate": "EX117YA",
        "Description": "AUDI A4 4ª series",
        "RegistrationYear": "2015",
        "CarMake": "AUDI",
        "CarModel": "A4 4ª series",
        "EngineSize": "",
        "FuelType": "Diesel",
        "MakeDescription": "AUDI",
        "ModelDescription": "A4 4ª series",
        "Immobiliser": "",
        "NumberOfDoors": "",
        "Version": "AUDI A4 2.0 TDI ultra 136CV ( 3/2014 )",
        "ABS": "",
        "AirBag": "",
        "Vin": "",
        "KType": "",
        "PowerCV": 136,
        "PowerKW": 100,
        "PowerFiscal": 20,
        "Timestamp": 1665411640
      "success": true,
      "message": "",
      "error": null


The service is currently available for Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain.

It is also possible to carry out the same check for motorbikes with Endpoint GET /moto/{LicensePlate}.

In addition, if the vehicle is insured, for Italy it is also possible to obtain the insurance details (name of the insurance company and expiry date) via the GET endpoint /IT-insurance/{LicensePlate} . On the other hand, for Great Britain only, it is also possible to obtain MOT information via the GET endpoint /UK-mot/{LicensePlate} .

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