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Get all the data of a Public Administration starting from VAT number and Tax Code

You can check in real time via API if a VAT number / Tax Code belongs to a PA and obtain the respective data.

Esempio Public Administration VAT number

The PA service makes it possible, from the entry of the VAT number or tax code, to check whether these data correspond to a Public Administration.

Moreover, the service, in the positive case, that is if it is a PA, makes it possible to obtain a whole series of information such as Denomination, Address, Type, Istat Data, Telephone, Fax and Site, and name responsible.

  "data": [
      "paId": 917142930468970100,
      "taxCode": "03301860544",
      "vatCode": null,
      "establishmentDate": "2013-01-02",
      "terminationDate": null,
      "phone": null,
      "fax": null,
      "url": "",
      "managerName": "GXXXXO",
      "managerSurname": "GXXXXI",
      "managerTitle": "COMMISSARIO STRAORDINARIO",
      "participationStatus": "N",
      "siopeEntityCode": "028332473000000",
      "siopeTypeId": "875142927245937602",
      "siopeTypeCode": "AS",
      "siopeTypeDescription": "ASL",
      "siopeInclusionDate": "2013-01-01",
      "siopeExclusionDate": null,
      "ipaEntityCode": "054",
      "ipaCategoryId": "118942920517195601",
      "ipaCategoryCode": "L7",
      "ipaCategoryDescription": "AZIENDE SANITARIE LOCALI",
      "ipaTypeCode": "PA",
      "ipaTypeDescription": "PUBBLICHE AMMINISTRAZIONI",
      "ipaInclusionDate": "2015-04-16",
      "ipaExclusionDate": null,
      "miurEntityCode": null,
      "miurTypeId": null,
      "miurTypeCode": null,
      "miurTypeDescription": null,
      "dtTypeId": null,
      "dtTypeCode": null,
      "dtTypeDescription": null,
      "ssnEntityCode": "100201",
      "s13IstatEntityCode": "28332473",
      "s13IstatTypeId": "648542920517975402",
      "s13IstatTypeCode": "207",
      "s13IstatTypeDescription": "AZIENDE SANITARIE LOCALI",
      "s13IstatInclusionDate": "2013-01-02",
      "Data_Esclusione_ISTAT_S13": null,
      "s13IstatExclusionDate": null,
      "dlgs1182011TypeId": 44954XXX061XXX9201,
      "dlgs1182011TypeCode": ESCFXX,
      "dlgs1182011TypeDescription": ESCFXX,
      "dlgs1182011InclusionDate": null,
      "dlgs1182011ExclusionDate": null,
      "lastUpdateTimestamp": 1609456801,
      "pa": true,
      paInvoicingOffice": [
          "administrationCode": "pasXXt",
          "ouCode": "pasXXt",
          "sdiCode": "pasXXt",
          "ouDescription": "pasXXt",
          "region": "Umbria",
          "province": "PG",
          "town": "Perugia",
          "streetName": "VIA GUERRIERO GUERRA, 21",          
          "zipCode": "06127",
          "taxCode": "03301860544",
          "taxCodeVerificationDate": "2019-08-09",
          "sfeStartDate": "2019-08-09",
          "lastUpdateTimestamp": "1712070443"
      "atecoClassification": {
          "ateco": {
            "code": "86220",
            "description": "Studi medici specialistici e poliambulatori",
      "detailedLegalForm": {
        "code": "2500",
        "description": "Azienda o ente del servizio sanitario nazionale"
          "town": {
            "code": "G478",      
            "number": "039",
            "description": "PERUGIA",
            "istat": "054039"
            "code": "PG",
            "number": "054",
            "description": "PERUGIA",
          "zipCode": "06127",  
          "toponym": "via",  
          "hamlet": "null",  
          "streetNumber": "21",  
          "street": null,"VIA GUERRIERO GUERRA, 21",
            "code": "10",
            "description": "UMBRIA"
            "code": "3",
            "description": "CENTRO",
  "success": true,
  "message": "1 aziende trovate",
  "error": null


The service has often been integrated and used for the purpose of electronic invoicing and often used in conjunction with the Split Payment endpoint.

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