Top Company Report

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Check the reliability, operability and economic situation of a company with official and professionally verified information.

The document includes data such as social composition, negativity, bank relations and financial status.

Esempio Top Company Report

Top company tracing provides an analysis of the company's financial status, assets and exponents with details on real estate and bank relations.

The report is enriched with information from multiple official sources and by the verification activities of professionals.

The document is divided into 15 sections:

1) LEGAL DATA with registered office, legal form, Chamber of Commerce of registration, date of incorporation, start of activity and activity status, share capital resolved, subscribed, paid up.
2) ACTIVITY with description of the activity developed by the company
3) BACKGROUND with description of the company and its activities with verified information
4) PRESS REVIEW with references to any news published in newspapers (if available)
5) BANK TRANSACTIONS with verified information on the company's relationships with banking institutions with details such as bank name, location
6) FINANCIAL ANALYSIS with information on the company's financial status
7) EXPONENTS AND SHAREHOLDERS with information such as role, name and surname, tax code, date and place of birth, co-interests, residence, outcome of protests and prejudicial proceedings and any other related companies
8) SHAREHOLDINGS with information on the company's shareholdings in other companies, if any
9) BUSINESS NEGATIVITY with results on protests, prejudicial acts, bankruptcy proceedings
10) NEGATIVITY OF EXPONENTS with details of any protests, bankruptcy proceedings, prejudicial proceedings,
11) OFFICES and CORPORATE STRUCTURE of the company with details on the type of office (e.g. registered office or legal unit) and addresses
12) HISTORICAL NEWS with information on any terminations, incorporations, replacements
13)  REAL ESTATE with details of any property in the company's name
14) REAL ESTATE MOVEMENTS with type of transcription or registration, date, registry, public official, property site, registrar
15) SYNTHETIC BALANCE SHEET with the company's financial and economic information

The company top report is the perfect solution for those who need massive processing in order to decide whether and how to proceed in terms of recovery. 

Both reports are available in PDF and JSON format.

Reports will be provided in white label so you can add company logo, notes/disclaimers, Tulps logo/legal for sale to issue the customised document.

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