Tax Compliance Certificate Online

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Tax Compliance Certificate Online always updated, requestable via API

The service allows you to verify the regularity of a company's contributions through a single request.

Esempio Tax Compliance Certificate Online

Tax Compliance Certificate Online is the single certificate that attests the regularity of a company in payments and social security, welfare and insurance obligations.

The Tax Compliance Certificate Online service allows you to verify through a single request the regularity of a company's contributions towards the National Social Welfare Institution, the National institute for insurance against Accidents at Work and the construction companies.

The service is available through API and provides for the release of the official documentation of the Institution.

The Tax Compliance Certificate is valid for 120 days. If the request for verification for a subject has already been made in the previous days and the Certificate is still valid, it will refer to the same document and then to the first validity attributed by the system. It will be allowed to request a new one from the day following the expiration of the validity of the document.

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