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All registration and billing data of an Italian company in real-time.

Over 20 data on Italian companies such as activity status, company name, registered office, geolocation, and SdI code.

Esempio Company Start

Company Start provides, with a single request and in real-time, over 20 data points on Italian companies such as registration data and tax data.

All data are available based on one of the following parameters:

  • VAT Number 
  • Tax Code
  • ID (internal company identifier)

Company Start also allows verifying the company's activity status with the Chamber of Commerce.

Company Start is identified by the endpoint: GET{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

Data on new companies and responses are provided in real-time.

EXAMPLE  REQUEST GET/IT-start/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

This is an example request for the VAT number 12485671007:


The response will include over 20 data points, such as:

  • Tax Code
  • Full Company Name
  • VAT Number
  • Registered Office (street, number, address, city, district, province, postal code)
  • Activity Status with the Business Register (Active, Registered, Inactive, Suspended, In Registration, Ceased)
  • Date of Registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Recipient code for electronic invoicing and timestamp of data update
  • id (internal company identifier)
  • GPS Coordinates (longitude and latitude)
  • Timestamp (internal use) 
  • Timestamp creation (company creation date in the database)
  • Timestamp last update (last company update date)

EXAMPLE  REQUEST GET /IT-start/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

Instead, this is an example of the response obtained using the VAT number 12485671007 as a parameter:

  "data": {
    "cf": "12485671007",
    "denominazione": "OPENAPI SPA",
    "piva": "12485671007",
    "toponimo": "VIALE",
    "civico": "221",
    "indirizzo": "VIALE F TOMMASO MARINETTI 221",
    "comune": "ROMA",
    "frazione":  null,
    "provincia": "RM",
    "stato_attivita": "ATTIVA",
    "timestamp": 1622452306,
    "timestamp_creation": 1622452306,
    "timestamp_last_update": 1622452306,
    "cap": "00143",
    "codice_destinatario": "MJ1OYNU",
    "timestamp_codice_destinatario": 1622452306,
    "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef5"
    "gps": {
     "coordinates": [
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null

Company Start is chosen by thousands of companies in various sectors, including software houses, marketing and sales companies, insurance firms, real estate agencies, and many others. Thanks to the real-time response times of the service, it is often used to verify and validate company data during the registration phase. In the case of e-commerce, it allows automating and optimizing checkout form completion times, eliminating any billing errors.

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