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The shareholders' list of any Italian company available via API and in real time.

With this service you get the list of shareholders of Italian companies starting from VAT number, tax code or company ID.

Esempio List of Shareholders

The List of Shareholders (or Search Company Shareholders) service provides a list of the partners of an Italian company.

All data are provided on the basis of one of the following parameters:

  • VAT number
  • Tax Code
  • ID (internal company identifier)

Through this service is possible to obtain the following information:

  • Name for companies
  • First and Last Name for Individuals
  • Tax code
  • Share percentage

The List of Shareholders service is identified by the endpoint: GET{piva_cf_or_id}

The answer is in real time. In the list, there are both private and corporate members. Unlike the "Corporate Composition Report", which is also provided via API but in PDF format, the data in this service is only available via JSON.


EXAMPLE REQUEST  GET /soci/{piva_cf_or_id}

Here is an example of a call made by entering the VAT number parameter 12485671007:


EXAMPLE RESPONSE GET /soci/{piva_cf_or_id}

This is an example of the membership data you can obtain from the VAT number:

  "data": [
      "denominazione": "OPEN HOLDING S.R.L.",
      "valore": "100"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null


In this specific case, the result is only one (100% share) and the type of partner is legal person, which is why only the name field is filled in and not the first and last name. 

  • Name
  • Partner Tax code
  • Share

The member data are also available in the Search Company Advance VAT Number which includes all important information about a company such as Turnover, Profit, Last 3 balance sheets, Employees, CEM.

  "data": {
    "cf": "12485671007",
    "denominazione": "OPENAPI S.R.L.",
    "piva": "12485671007",
    "toponimo": "VIALE",
    "civico": "221",
    "indirizzo": "VIALE F TOMMASO MARINETTI 221",
    "comune": "ROMA",
    "frazione":  null,
    "provincia": "RM",
    "stato_attivita": ""ATTIVA",
    "timestamp": 1681376096,
    "dettaglio": {
      "rea": "1378273",
      "cciaa": "RM",
      "codice_ateco": "6201",
      "descrizione_ateco": "Produzione di software non connesso all'edizione",
      "codice_natura_giuridica": "SR",
      "data_inizio_attivita": "2013-10-20",
      "pec": "[email protected]",
      - "bilanci": {
       + "2017": {...},
       + "2018": {...},
       + "2019": {...},
       + "2020": {...},
       - "2021":  {
          "capitale_sociale": 50000,
          "fatturato": 4432761,
	        "utile": 469366
      + "2022": {...},
      + "2023": {
        "capitale_sociale": 50000
	- "gruppo_iva": {
	   "partecipazione": false,
	   "piva_capogruppo": false,
	   "anagrafica_ok": true
	"cessata":  false,
  "soci": [
      "denominazione": "OPEN HOLDING S.R.L.",
      "valore": "100"
    "codice_destinatario": "MJ1OYNU",
    "timestamp_creation": 1624358855,
    "timestamp_last_update": 1676878023,
    "gps": {
     "coordinates": [
    "cap": "00143",
    "data_iscrizione": "2013-07-19"
    "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef5"
  "success":  true,
  "message": "",
  "error":  null


The shareholders in the list are those who have a share of 10% or more (the same information can also be obtained from the deposited balance sheet, if it has been deposited in the last 4 years).

Those who want to have all stakeholders up-to-date at all times can use "Stakeholders" of the Company service.

Other Endpoints of the Search Company Service

The Search Company service allows through other endpoints to obtain individual information already present in the Search Company Basic and Advance:

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