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Get real-time listings and master data of Italian companies by selecting parameters such as ATECO code, CCIAA, turnover or employees.

Search Company Advance provides access to a list of companies within a similar geographical area, turnover or number of employees, belonging to the same category or with similar names.

Esempio Search Company Advance (Company List)

Search Company Advance allows you, from a set of parameters, to search for all companies matching those criteria.

The Search Company Advance service must not be confused with the Search Company Advance VAT Number of the same name, which offers more detailed information but only on a single company.

The parameters that can be used for the Search Company Advance are:

  • Company name (or part of the terms in it)
  • Province
  • ATECO code
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • REA
  • Turnover (min. / max.)
  • Employees (min. / max.)
  • Latitude and Radius

The Search Company Advance is identified by the endpoint: GET


This is an example of a call in which the following parameters were used:

  • the province of Rome
  • ATECO code 62.01
  • turnover minimum 500,000 and maximum 2,000,000
  • employees minimum 5 and maximum 20


The answer returns a list of companies compatible with the given parameters and the following data:

  • Tax code
  • Name
  • VAT No.
  • Registered office (name, street, address, municipality, district, province, postcode)
  • Activity Status
  • Timestamp (date and time of request)
  • Timestamp creation (date company was created in database)
  • Timestamp last update (date of last company change)
  • Legal nature code
  • Timestamp_creation
  • Geographical coordinates registered office (longitude and latitude)
  • Chamber of Commerce registration date
  • Internal company identifier (ID)

 This is an example of an answer:

   "data": [
     "cf": "12485671007",
     "piva": "12485671007",
     "toponimo": "VIALE",
     "via": "F TOMMASO MARINETTI",
     "civico": "221",
     "indirizzo": "F TOMMASO MARINETTI, 221",
     "comune": "ROMA",
     "frazione":  null,
     "provincia": "RM",
     "stato_attivita": "ATTIVA",
     "timestamp": 1622452306,
     "timestamp_creation": 1622452306,
     "timestamp_last_update": 1622452306,
     "cap": "00143",
     "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef5"
     "gps": {
     "coordinates": [
     "cf": "05526560874",
     "piva": "05526560874",
     "toponimo": "VIA",
     "via": "DELLE SCALE",
     "civico": "10/18",
     "indirizzo": "DELLE SCALE 10/18",
     "comune": "CATANIA",
     "frazione":  null,
     "provincia": "CT",
     "stato_attivita": "ATTIVA",
     "timestamp": 1622452306,
     "timestamp_creation": 1622452306,
     "timestamp_last_update": 1622452306,
     "cap": "95129",
     "codice_destinatario": ".....",
     "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef8"
     "gps": {
      "coordinates": [
 "success": true,
 "message": "",
 "error":  null


The cost is charged according to the number of companies in the answer and it is possible to have a count of the available results via the "dry_run" parameter before making the call.

In order to prevent errors, the service also has a maximum limit of 100 results by default. It is possible to further reduce the number of results with the parameter "limit" where the desired number of results will be indicated.

In the event that more than 100 companies are to be answered, it is possible to obtain all results with several calls and via the "skip" parameter, which indicates the number of results that are to be "skipped".

In practice, if 150 companies are expected as results for a query, the first call will allow the first 100 companies to be obtained, the second call, in which the skip parameter and the value 100 (i.e. to skip the first 100 already obtained with the first call) will allow the remaining 50 to be obtained.

Search Company Advance is used, for example, for sectoral market surveys and analyses or for marketing activities.

With the Search Company Advance service it is possible to obtain both the VAT number and the company ID, which can be useful for then proceeding to the Search Company Advance VAT Number call and obtain further information such as: REA, CCIAA, PEC, Recipient Code, ATECO Code and Description, Balance Sheet, Profit and Employees.

Other Endpoints of the Search Company Service

The Search Company service allows through other endpoints to obtain individual information already present in the Search Company Basic and Advance:

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