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Get the recipient code for invoicing Italian companies via Real-Time API.

The only API to access the always-up-to-date SdIcode for electronic invoicing.

Esempio SdI Code

The Recipient Code is the unique code consisting of 7 characters (letters and numbers) that identifies the channel through which electronic invoices are received.

The Recipient Code is also called the SdI Code, short for Sistema di Interscambio, which is the intermediary through which all electronic invoices pass and are verified before being delivered to the final recipient.

The SdI Code along with the VAT number uniquely identifies a company for electronic invoicing purposes.

The Recipient Code service is the only API that allows obtaining the SdI code of an Italian company updated in real time and via API.

The data is available from one of the following parameters:

  • VAT Number (Partita IVA)
  • Tax Code (Codice Fiscale)
  • ID

The Recipient Code Service is identified by the endpoint: GET{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

Data are provided and updated in real time.

SAMPLE REQUEST GET /IT-sdicode/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

Here is an example of a call for VAT number 12485671007: 

SAMPLE RESPONSE GET /IT-sdicode/{vatCode_taxCode_or_id}

The response returns the SdI code:

 "data": [
    "sdiCode": "MJ1OYNU",
    "id": "60d1bfc731177b0a092cdfc1"
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null

The company id is also available in the response and can be used as a parameter for other API Company endpoints to obtain more detailed information about the company

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