Company Active Representatives Report

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Information on active members of a company available in real time via API.

Check the data on company representatives such as tax code and residence and download the report with all the details.

Esempio Company Active Representatives Report

With the Company Active Representatives Report  service, starting from the entry of the company's tax code, it is possible to obtain

  • company information such as CCIAA, REA, legal nature, ateco code, activity status, registered office
  • information on exponents such as name, tax code, place and date of birth, residence, offices

The list of Active Exponents allows you to obtain the exponent block for corporations, with the addition of shares for partnerships.

The information is available in real time via the Openapi Visengine API and can be downloaded in PDF, JSON o XML format.

Here are the steps for obtaining the report.

1) Request Hash Report (GET /visure)

To request reports with Visengine, you first need to find the hash that uniquely identifies each document or file.


This is possible via the GET /visure endpoint which does not need any parameters and will return the complete list of documents and files that can be requested via Visengine and respect the hash.

2) Verify Data and Costs Request Report (GET /visure/{hash_visure})

If you want to check the information, documents required and costs of the report, you have to make a request via the GET endpoint /visure/{hash_visura} and pass the hash of the previously obtained report.

EXAMPLE GET REQUEST /visure/{hash_visura}

The hash must be used to verify fields and costs to complete the request.

  "data": {
    "nome_visura": "Esponenti Attivi Azienda",
    "ricerca": false,
    "nome_categoria": "Camerali",
    "json_struttura": {
      "campi": {
        "$0": {
          "nome": "Codice Fiscale",
          "tipo": "codice_fiscale",
          "null": false,
          "istruzioni": "Inserire il Codice Fiscale dell`Azienda",
          "ordine": "1"
      "validazione": "$0  ",
      "istruzioni": "",
      "istruzioni_ricerca": ""
    "hash_visura": "95cb552053977ca50c9e9b37532edd20",
    "prezzo_visura": 2.1,
    "prezzo_ricerca": 0,
    "sincrona": false,
    "opzioni": null,
    "fornitori": []
  "success": true,
  "message": "",
  "error": null


In validation, the data required to successfully complete the request are indicated.

3) Request Report POST /richiesta

To make the report request, the tax code of the subject is passed.


    "hash_visura": "fab482bf67a418f00d596b7296750a9a",
    "json_visura": {
      "$1": 12485671007



The response returns various information including the status, the callback (if set) and the request ID that we will need later to download the document.

{ "data": 
      "_id": "5f2829ce065afc21cc60ad0e",
    "state": 1,
    "hash_visura": "fab482bf67a418f00d596b7296750a9a",
    "nome": "Esponenti Attivi Azienda ",
    "ricerca": false,
    "id_ricerca": null,
    "prezzo_visura": 2.1,
    "prezzo_ricerca": 0,
    "indice_ricerca": null,
    "stato_richiesta": "In erogazione",
    "email_target": null,
    "allegati": [],
    "timestamp_creation": 1596467662,
    "timestamp_last_update": 1596467663,
    "timestamp_stati": {
      "in_ricerca": 1596467663,
      "in_erogazione": 1596467663
    "callback_data": false,
    "opzioni": null,
    "owner": "[email protected]",
    "sincrona": false,
    "ricerche": [
        "id_ricerca": "5f2829ce065afc21cc60ad0e_0",
        "stato_ricerca": "Ricerca evasa",
        "json_ricerca": "{\"$1\":\"12485671007\"}",
        "json_mappato": {
          "NRea": "1378273",
          "Cciaa": "RM"
        "json_risultato": null
    "esito": {
      "codice": "0",
      "info": "OK"


4) Download Report GET /documento/{_id}

When the status of the request is 'evasa' ('processed'), it will be possible to download the document via the method GET /documento/{_id}

EXAMPLE REQUEST GET /documento/{_id}

This is an example of a request made using the previously obtained ID

EXAMPLE RESPONSE GET /documento/{_id}

The response will contain the name, size and file.

    "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "error": null


The downloadable document is available in a zip, containing the PDF, JSON o XML file.

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