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Get the registered office of any Italian company in real time and always up-to-date

Full address and co-ordinates (longitude and latitude) of the location from VAT number or tax code only

Esempio Registered Office Address

The Address service of the Company API allows obtaining the address of any Italian company registered in the Business Register.

The Address service is identified by the endpoint: GET{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id}

All data is available starting from one of the following parameters:

  • VAT Number
  • Tax Code
  • ID 

(GET /IT-address/{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id})

This is an example request for the VAT number 12485671007: 

(GET /IT-address/{vatCode_or_taxCode_or_id})

The response returns full information about the address:

  • VAT Number
  • Tax Code
  • Company Name
  • Toponym
  • Address
  • City
  • Hamlet
  • Province
  • Postal Code
  • Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude)
  • Cadastral Code
"data": [
    "taxCode": "12485671007",
    "companyName": "OPENAPI S.R.L.",
    "vatCode": "12485671007",
      "registeredOffice": {
      "toponym": "VIALE",
      "street": "F TOMMASO MARINETTI",
      "streetNumber": "221",
      "streetName": "VIALE F TOMMASO MARINETTI 221",
      "town": "ROMA",
      "hamlet":  null,
      "province": "RM",
      "zipCode": "00143",
      "gps": {
        "coordinates": [
      "townCode": "H501"
   "creationTimestamp":  1622452306,
   "lastUpdateTimestamp": "1622452306",
   "id": "60b4a85585e34e615c569ef5"
 "success":  true,
 "message": "",
 "error":  null

Company Address data is provided in real-time.

The information in the Address service concerns the registered office of the company. It is possible to obtain information on all registered offices, administrative offices and local units via the Marketing and Full Company services.

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