Ordinary and Historical Business File

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The Business File is delivered through API and collects the main information and the acts of the company.

The Business File is a complete report of a company and includes official documents of the CCIAAA such as the Company Registration Report (Statute), deposited balance sheet, Statute.

Esempio Ordinary and Historical Business File

The Business Files available are:

  • Capital Company's Business File
  • Partnership's Business File
  • Capital Company's Historical Business File
  • Partnership's Historical Business File


   "nome_visura""Fascicolo Società di Capitali"
   : {
   "campi": {
   "nome": "Denominazione/Ragione Sociale",
   "tipo": "denominazione",
   "null": true,
   "istruzioni": "Inserire la ragione sociale o Denominazione dell`azienda"
   "$1": {
   "nome": "Partita Iva o Codice Fiscale",
   "tipo": "codice_fiscale",
   "istruzioni": "Inserire la Partita IVA o il Codice Fiscale dell`Azienda"           "ordine"
   "validazione": "$0 || $1  ",
   "istruzioni": "PHA+UGVyIHJpY2hpZWRlcmUgbGEgVmlzdXJhIENhbWVyYWxlIE9yZGluYXJpYSAtIFNvY2lldCZhZ3JhdmU7IGRpIENhcGl0YWxlIGluc2VyaXNjaSB1bm8gZGVpIHNlZ3VlbnRpIGRhdGk6Jm5ic3A7bGEgPHN0cm9uZz5EZW5vbWluYXppb25lIC8gUmFnaW9uZSBzb2NpYWxlPC9zdHJvbmc+Jm5ic3A7b3BwdXJlIGxhIDxzdHJvbmc+UGFydGl0YSBJVkEgLyBDb2RpY2UgRmlzY2FsZTwvc3Ryb25nPjwvcD4NCg==",
   "istruzioni_ricerca": ""
   "ricerca": "1",
   "prezzo_ricerca": 0,
   "hash_visura": "eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3",
   "fornitori": []
   "message": ""
   "error": null

The Business file allows you to verify the status of the company's activities, the company structure and organization, any dissolution, bankruptcy proceedings, cancellations.

It is useful to acquire information and evaluate in depth the solidity of a new customer, a business partner, a supplier or a tenant in a commercial lease.

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Price list for single API calls

  • Capital Company's Business File € 15,70 + vat
  • Partnership's Business File € 11,70 + vat
  • Partnership's Historical Business File € 11,70 + vat
  • Capital Company's Historical Business File € 16,50 + vat